One of the unique components of the scientifically validated Isagenix® 30-Day System is nutritional cleansing or what we refer to as Cleanse Days. Cleanse Days aren’t complicated but for most people they are very different from a typical routine, leading to plenty of questions about cleansing. Here are three of the most frequently asked Cleanse Day questions:

Why are the shakes an important part of the Cleanse System?

Whey protein has been shown to support healthy immune function by providing adequate nutrients (particularly the amino acid cysteine) to generate an important antioxidant called glutathione. Glutathione is found in all cells and is concentrated in white blood cells. We know that healthy glutathione levels are a key component of a strong immune system.

Glutathione also plays a major role in the detoxification reactions within the body. It binds to toxins such as heavy metals, solvents and pesticides by making them water-soluble, which allows the kidneys to remove them more efficiently from the body. Eating sources of whey protein, including our IsaLean™ Shake is one way to help support healthy levels of glutathione in the body and help maximise natural detoxification systems. (Our IsaLean™ Shake Dairy Free is also a good source of cysteine, due to the amino acid profile of the plant-based shake being very close to that naturally occurring in whey.)

It is suggested that a minimum of two Shake Days are completed before your first Cleanse Day and nourishing your body in this way is one of the reasons for that.

What time should I stop eating on the night before a Cleanse Day?

The simple answer is this… there is no right or wrong time to stop eating. But let’s explain a little more. Every time you eat, your body digests and absorbs the food you consume, then transports the nutrients to all of your cells through the blood stream. After a meal, it takes your body around three hours to either use or store all of the nutrients that you consumed. While everyone is a little different, the first stage of cleansing begins at this point, which is called the post-absorptive state.

During this first stage, the body uses up the readily available nutrients from your most recent meal and begins to draw on stored nutrients for energy to keep blood sugar levels steady. When you’re cleansing, the post-absorptive state begins around three hours and lasts for about 12 to 18 hours after a meal. Imagine that you eat dinner in the evening and plan to start your Cleanse Day the following morning. You’ll pass through most of this phase overnight while you are sleeping, with the post-absorptive phase concluding sometime in the morning or early afternoon, depending on when you had dinner the previous night.

It would make sense that the earlier that you had dinner on the evening before a Cleanse Day, the sooner that you would move through the post-absorptive state that night and into the next day.

Is broth OK on a Cleanse Day?

It is common to look for additional food options to consume on a Cleanse Day  but the key to a successful Cleanse Day is to consume as few calories as possible within your personal capabilities and preferences. The Cleanse Day support ‘tools’ which include Cleanse for Life™, Isagenix Snacks™, and IsaDelight™ chocolates have been formulated with providing optimal nutrition but without additional calories that could compromise a Cleanse Day. Foods like broth (and other beverages like coconut water) may impede a Cleanse Day by delivering more calories than required on a Cleanse Day and interrupting the fasting process, and so they are best avoided on a Cleanse Day.