Isn’t it interesting that we can easily list the names of people we love, yet it seems nearly impossible to show love to ourselves? Whatever the reason, it’s worth understanding the importance of self-love in your health and wellness journey.

Most of us have a routine for exercise and nutrition, but often we neglect the need for a self-love routine. The best way to create healthy habits is to first have a plan or strategy in place. With that in mind, here are five simple steps to self-love success!

Speak Kindly to Yourself

Try and eliminate all the negative things you say to yourself. We know this sounds a lot simpler than it really is, which is why you should write a list of ten things you like about yourself (that aren’t related to how much you weigh or what you look like) and reinforce those thoughts every day. That will remind you that you’re more than just a number on the scales or picture on your phone!

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Being surrounded by doubters who criticise your attempts to better yourself is emotionally exhausting. Surround yourself with upbeat people who inspire and motivate you. Anyone who recognises your attractiveness and uniqueness will help you cultivate a healthy body image.

Don’t Dress to Impress

Wear clothes that suit you best and make you feel comfortable in your own skin. If wearing tight, restrictive clothing makes you feel uncomfortable then it will likely rub off on the way you feel and the vibes you put out.

We’re not telling you to hide in baggy outfits! It’s all about clothes that give you confidence and make you feel great. People will quickly notice when you’re feeling like the best version of yourself.

Don’t Compare the Competition

It’s not fair to compare yourself to fitness models and celebrities that represent less than one percent of the entire population. You never truly know the amount of make-up, stylists, photographers and editing that’s involved in a single post.

Social media has a bad reputation when it comes to body image, but there is an exception to the rule. The IsaBody Challenge® community is a space dedicated to uplift and inspire Challengers, which is the perfect recipe for empowerment and self-acceptance. Start your 16-week IsaBody Challenge today!

Reward Yourself!

Being the best version of yourself physically and mentally is a full-time gig. Your mind and body could do with a treat. No, this doesn’t mean stuffing your face with an entire cake! Go for a relaxing massage or to a spa to give your mind and body the rest it deserves – you don’t even need to leave the house for it!

It’s easy to forget yourself while juggling your never-ending list of responsibilities. Take the time to enhance – or simply begin – your very own journey of self-love.