Multi-Ethnic Arms Outstretched To Ask QuestionsRegardless of continuous reminders that there’s no such thing as a silly question, we know that some of you have been holding back. How do we know? Because we hear about them—in whispers at Isagenix events, via Facebook messages and personal emails. But now it’s time to share eight of the most common questions we receive and divulge answers once and for all.

1. I’ve been following the Isagenix system to a tee, but my weight loss has stalled. Why can’t I lose any more weight? 

Don’t worry—it happens to most people. After losing a few kilos on any program, it’s common for weight loss to slow down. Here are a few simple things you can do to help deter this issue.

2. Why do I feel constipated during or after Cleanse Days?

Isagenix nutritional cleansing is not the same as ‘colon cleansing’. There is very little that nutritional cleansing will do to help with constipation. A better approach would be to start out with Shake Days and make sure you get enough dietary fiber, water, magnesium and exercise every day.

3. Why do I have gas or diarrhea on Shake Days?

Despite only minor amounts of lactose and inclusion of digestive enzymes, there are still some people who suffer from gas and diarrhea after using IsaLean Shake. Lactose intolerance is still the most likely cause for symptoms, however other causes may include an intolerance to the quantity fibers and minerals, such as calcium and magnesium that are contained in this meal replacement. One way to help avoid any gastrointestinal distress is to start out with a smaller serving and slowly build up to a full serving.

4. Since starting Isagenix, my menstrual cycle has changed, become heavier, lighter, longer, or is less frequent. Why is this? 

Many things can affect your menstrual cycle—stress, excess exercise, changes in sleep habits, and weight loss—making it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. In fact, it’s likely a combination of factors are contributing to this change. In most cases, these issues only temporarily alter your period and will resolve without any intervention. Fat loss, for example, can cause a change in hormone levels resulting in altered menstrual patterns but will return to normal when body weight is stabilised. That being said, if symptoms continue it’s best to check with your doctor for appropriate guidance. 

5. I’m going through ‘the change’ (aka menopause). How can Isagenix help me?

While fatigue, hot flashes, and irritability are among the top complaints associated with menopause, weight gain is often the most frustrating. The physiological change triggered by menopause can promote weight gain and, even worse, muscle loss. Fortunately, the Isagenix system of Cleanse and Shake Days is clinically shown to help boost metabolism and fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

6. I noticed some shedding of hair after I performed Cleanse Days. Why is this?

There are many reasons for changes like this. It could be the body’s way of simply transitioning to a new diet. If you experience shedding or thinning of hair, also known as telogen effluvium, it may be best to ease into a new diet plan. For example, start out with Shake Days and go easy on quantity of Cleanse Days each month. If symptoms continue it’s best to check with your doctor for appropriate guidance.

7. Can I drink diet/non-diet sodas or teas, non-flavored/flavored coffees, or alcohol on my Shake and Cleanse Days?

Some of these beverages (and additions to them) may contribute extra calories or are generally associated with poor health and lifestyle habits and outcomes. But we know sometimes a ‘cheat’ day is desired. If you must, then just be sure to make informed choices, watch extra calories and be sure you have healthy nutrition from Isagenix products at your side.

8. Can I smoke while using Isagenix?

Smoking is clearly never a good thing. And it won’t absolve you from needing regular amounts of good nutrition. In fact, it’s more likely you’ll need more detox-promoting nutrients.