Our 90-Day Global Game Plan has been a huge success! Only a few days remain, so keep your momentum up and finish strong! We’ve seen some major results from business builders big and small who invested their time, energy, and effort to build a foundation for residual income that will change their lives.


As your 90-Day Game Plan comes to a close, take some time to reflect on what you accomplished and celebrate it! Celebrate Success Week starts December 8! To help inspire you to celebrate with your team, we asked some Associates how they will celebrate their success and the success of their team members.

Paradise 90 day game planAngela & Luke Paradise – Executive, 2 Star Golden Circle
The 90-Day Game Plan was an excellent guide to help us grow our business. We’ve gone from being Managers when it first started to Executives now. It gave us a great starting point. The global monthly calls and promotions were a great boost too, we were able to utilise those offers to further encourage people to begin their IsaJourney! We are rewarding ourselves by spoiling each other and our family at Christmas and we will now be paying for a few extra days in Cambodia after the IsaDerby Cambodia trip.

Matthew & Leanne Christie – 1 Star Executive, 4 Star Golden CircleChristies 90 Day
After finishing the 90-Day Game Plan we are taking our team to dinner to celebrate and going back to Bali which is where our Isagenix journey really started to heat up! We were Managers when we left for our honeymoon and we are so happy to have hit Executive! The lightbulb really went off and we decided to jump on board with the 90 Day Game Plan – we couldn’t be happier that we did!


Start thinking about how you’ll reward yourself (and your teammates) for a job well done! You deserve it!