360-Anna-Richards_5847When Anna Richards did her first 90-Day Game Plan, she was new to Isagenix® and didn’t have a huge team, but she had her goals and the best support system she could get: the 90-Day Game Plan book and the Isagenix support system of online tools. Now Anna is a 5 Star Golden Circle, 3 Star Crystal Executive.

Anna joins us on our latest conference call to kick-start Week 2 of the 90-Day Game Plan and help keep you on track with her mantra, “Stay strong! Finish strong!”

“Come into every day with the same energy that you did on Day 1,” Anna says. “Know that it’s not scary and that you don’t have to get to the end of the 90 days and collapse with exhaustion.”

“Do this by keeping to your schedule. I find things are easier to manage if I stick to the schedule. I’m not coming into every day not knowing what to do. Use the blank schedule on page 24 to plan and make sure to allow for family time, exercise and free time to keep your life in balance.”

Anna suggests some great ideas to help you adjust your 90-Day Game Plan as you head into Week 2:

Match your actions to your goals:

  • Sketch out your ‘Daily/Weekly Plan’ on page 21
  • Make sure these mirror your commitment to the 90-Day Game Plan on page 31
  • Chunk your goals down into achievable tasks
  • Make your own Vision Board to remind you daily of your goals (refer to page 12-13 of your latest IsaNews to learn how!)
  • Adjust your sails to meet the course – do this daily!

Choose commitment over convenience:

  • ‘Convenience’ is setting your goal but making excuses to put them off to the next day. You’ve made the commitment to yourself – always come back to your ‘Why’!
  • ‘Commitment’ is showing up and doing the work even if you’ve had a hard day. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Stay in prospecting mode, not management mode:

  • Look at the time you’re spending managing your existing team versus prospecting – do you need to balance this to achieve your goals?
  • Make sure you use the tools available to you to easily manage your team and help them duplicate the system to build their own business. Refer your team back to ANZ.IsagenixBusiness.com and their own 90-Day Game Plan. This will help you create the space to reach your goals.

“I want you to really understand that these 90 days are going to come whether we want them to or not. But the beautiful thing about a 90-Day Game Plan is that we get to decide what the end of that 90 days looks like,” Anna says. “It always come down to you and your goals, no matter how long you have been with Isagenix. Focus on what you do have and focus on your goals. Are you sending texts? Are you scheduling appointments? These are the things that will get you through.”

Your Checklist for Week 2:

  • Review ‘Set Yourself up for Success’ on page 3 to help eliminate distractions and get your business set
  • Review ‘Your Daily/Weekly Plan’ on page 21 to break down your goals into achievable tasks
  • Review ‘Your 90-Day Game Plan’ commitment on page 31 to make sure your goals can be realistically achieved in your schedule – and remember you can always adjust your schedule as you go!

Click here to listen to the 90-Day Game Plan Week 2 conference call. And keep Anna’s mantra in mind: “Start strong, finish strong!”