Isagenix is committed to providing truly exceptional products, customer service and the tools you need to support your success. This is why Isagenix ANZ has recently amended and refreshed the Company Policies and Procedures so that we can better accommodate for you and your team throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Policy-ProceduresWe are confident that your new localised version will truly grasp the needs and concerns of our local Associates, allowing them to develop a stronger partnership with the Company.

The Policies and Procedures are designed to protect the company from legal challenges and to protect Associates by ensuring a level playing field. As a member of the Direct Selling Association of Australia and the Direct Selling Association of New Zealand, we are proud to uphold an Industry Code of Ethics. This solidifies our company reputation for providing a business opportunity based on a culture of family, passion, fun and integrity!

Check out your updated Independent Associate and Preferred Customer Policies & Procedures here.