“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard” – Anne Sexton

Have you ever asked someone what their values are? More often than not, it’s a question than can really stump people. This is odd because what we value and believe determines and drives what we focus on, how we behave and ultimately the results we get in life. Our values and beliefs, often called our MINDSET, are the reason WHY we do what we do; they are what motivates us to take action or not, they underpin our behaviour and our opinions about events and people.

Clarifying and then prioritising you and your team member’s most important values (your individual WHYs), will provide important clues about what will truly motivate going forward.  Since your values are closely linked to your sense of career and personal satisfaction, ideally your most important values need to be fulfilled.

Values and your WHY, so deeply ingrained in you, should always play an important role in planning your life. To help you discover yours and your team’s WHY below are some typical values, the WHYs that often drive people:

Freedom; autonomy; security; independence; leadership; challenge; money; personal growth; making a difference; balance; friendship; location; family; recognition; sense of purpose; health…

So what’s your WHY and what are you willing to do to achieve this?