Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to carve out huge blocks of time in order to get their business started. Depending on your personal circumstances, this may or may not be feasible. For many people, the reality is more likely that they have either a full or part time job, children to care for plus many other existing commitments.

So what happens? Many people unwittingly set themselves up for exhaustion with admirable but unrealistic targets around blocking out time for business building activity.

The fact is that life’s realities still exist despite the good intentions – kids get sick, they need homework help, dinner needs to be made, housework done, friends need someone to talk to about relationship problems etc. Setting yourself an unachievable goal and then constantly falling short typically leads to a loss of enthusiasm and inevitably a sense that it’s all too hard.

You need to be realistic about what’s achievable for YOU!

Start small and carve out time where you can find it, to do what you need to do to build momentum – find people to talk to; talk to the people you find; help them get paid (You + 2 and Them + 2); build belief; and develop yourself.