720x720px-May-25-launchRound Three of the 90-Day Game Plan Launch Party Week kicks off today! Get ready for a fun, fast-paced week of sharing Isagenix®!

Remember these three Launch Party success tips as you get your parties prepped:

  1. Keep your presentations brief and engaging
  2. Create a comfortable atmosphere
  3. Rehearse and be prepared

To learn how to throw a successful Launch Party, visit the Isagenix ANZ YouTube channel and watch the In-Home Presentations video with Isagenix Millionaire, 9 Star Platinum 4 Star Executive, Suzanne Skillen.

You’ll see how to prepare for a launch party, host the event and successfully follow up with potential Associates. Download this handy step-by-step checklist to help you prepare – How to do a Launch Party.

Here are some of Suzanne’s tips from her In-Home Presentations video on how to hold successful Launch Parties that will completely change your business!

Save the date!

  • Create e-invites and send out two weeks before your party
  • Send reminder a few days before the party

Prepare and be organised

  • Product display – President’s Pak
  • IsaNews
  • Enrolment forms
  • Price lists
  • Choose which video you will show – check out The Isagenix Experience and other videos here on Isagenix ANZ, our You Tube channel
  • Rehearse your 30 Second Story

Make your home inviting

  • Flowers
  • Music
  • Confirm numbers and have enough seating for everyone

Prepare your food

Starting the party

  • Thank everyone for coming and introduce yourself
  • Ask them what they might be there for and share your 30 Second Story
  • Share the video and ask for feedback
  • Have your team members share their 30 Second Stories

Down to business

After the party

  • Re-introduce everyone and use this time for people to ask questions
  • Put music on and mingle
  • Watch your business grow!

Keep it simple and have fun!

Check out ANZ.IsagenixBusiness.com for more information!

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