What started as a quest to lose those final few stubborn kilos before their wedding quickly became the business opportunity of a lifetime for Diana and Josh. The young entrepreneurs were no strangers to building profitable businesses.

For years, Josh ran his own fruitful marketing agency. At the same time, Diana pursued her own business opportunities, from a jewellery boutique website to freelance graphic design work. Despite being their own bosses, the couple felt there was more to be desired.

Having experienced living in Rome, Diana had the vision to create an online business that would give her flexibility and freedom. Upon returning from their honeymoon, Diana went to work pursing a business with Isagenix. At the same time, Josh continued managing his traditional marketing business.

“At the time, I had a lot of staff, overheads, expenses and stress that came with running a normal business,” says Josh. “I was bound to an office, whereas Diana started earning a great income working from the beach and cafes, all on her own terms, which was very appealing to me too.”

Once their Isagenix income surpassed their agency’s revenue, they decided to sell their traditional business to focus wholeheartedly on their health and wellbeing business. Although there’s been some ups and downs since pursing network marketing full-time, it’s provided Diana and Josh with many memorable experiences.

“Looking back, there’s been so many things we’ve done like Top Achievers in Cambodia, the opening of the Isagenix headquarters in Arizona and attending the first-ever Asian Celebration event,” says Diana.

“In 2015, we lived on a secluded island off the coast of Sicily. There’s no way we could have experienced that if we didn’t have the Isagenix business, we’d created.”

Diana and Josh both recognised that the many incredible highlights they’ve experienced over the years have certainly outweighed the obstacles and challenges they’ve overcome.

“In hindsight, we may have overcommitted to the Isagenix business a bit prematurely thinking that the business would continue to grow,” Diana says. “We had to learn to ride the dips as you would with any business.”

Having sustained their network marketing success for almost a decade, both agree that consistency has been the most significant contributor to their success.

“From watching Diana work over the last seven years, she’s always been one of the most consistent members of her team,” says Josh. “Even in times when it would’ve been easy for her to not show up, she still finds ways to get it done.”

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