After years of training and working as a surgical nurse, Brooke Rose never truly understood what it took to create a healthy lifestyle. Soon enough, Brooke fell into the shift work trap of coffee and undereating. As the mother of four approached the age of forty, she just accepted that weight gain was part of growing old.

The catalyst for her change came in the summer of 2013, the first of which Brooke didn’t feel comfortable swimming with her kids. “I felt terrible. I just assumed that because Isagenix® was shake based nutrition that it wouldn’t work, even though I had seen it work.”

With no experience or desire to begin network marketing, Brooke’s love for the products quickly overshadowed her doubts about the industry. So much so that she decided to take up the business within her first month.

“I started the business because I loved the products so much, and I wanted to cover the cost of them because I felt selfish spending the family budget on myself,” she says. “I tried to keep my nursing career separate to Isagenix, but I feel like I can talk to people really easily, and I think being a nurse really helped with that.”

Brooke had always wanted the opportunity to be a stay at home mum. Beginning with the Isagenix boom, her dream became a reality just 12 months into her Isagenix journey when she retired from her nursing role to help people achieve their health goals with Isagenix on a full-time basis.

It wasn’t long before Brooke began to reap the benefits of her belief in the Isagenix products and business.

“Winning the IsaDerby trips to Vegas for Global Celebration and Bali in 2013 was amazing, I felt so lucky and privileged to be there,” says Brooke. “They were great to help my husband Shannon see the bigger picture as well. I think if I didn’t have a supportive spouse like him, it would’ve been tough to persevere with this opportunity.”

As she approaches eight years with Isagenix, Brooke has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a passionate and supportive that help her stay motivated and consistent.

“Without my team, I might not be where I am today,” Brooke says. “This is a heart-centred business, so it definitely helps to build off each other’s excitement.”

Now, Brooke feels reinvigorated by the launch of Isagenix 2.0, a new message and way of instilling belief in the Isagenix lifestyle.

“It all boils down to belief. If you’re not going to believe in it, you can’t project it or share it,” Brooke says. “The belief is what helps you be real and organic; the business is just a bonus.”

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