Supporting muscles during a workout is critical for athletes of all disciplines and important for anyone who wants to push through personal barriers during exercise. Whether you’re a runner looking to improve your marathon time, or a figure athlete looking to tone your physique, you can benefit from added muscle support during any workout.

AMPED™ BCAA Plus is an intra-workout supplement formulated to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, prevent muscle breakdown and reduce muscle fatigue. When sipped during your workout, this drink delivers concentrated branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and other key ingredients to fuel muscle for maximum strength and endurance.

AMPED BCAA Plus is a stimulant-free formula that features L-carnitine to help sustain energy levels while supporting fat burning during exercise. Sipping AMPED BCAA Plus during training also contributes to good hydration, which is essential for maintaining performance during any workout.

What Makes This Formula So Unique?

AMPED BCAA Plus supplies BCAA’s and L-glutamine to promote the building and protection of lean muscle. These ingredients help activate the body’s mechanism for building and repairing muscle at a cellular level, known as mammalian target of rapamycin, or mTOR for short (1). Once activated, the mTOR pathway stimulates muscle building with the help of adequate dietary protein and consistent resistance exercise (1).

AMPED BCAA Plus contains vital ingredients to help reduce fatigue and maximise exercise capacity. In addition to their role in supporting muscle building, BCAAs also help fuel working muscle and support endurance (2, 3). Providing optimal nutritional support during workouts helps you train at peak capacity.

AMPED BCAA Plus contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to support you during your workout.

BCAA blend: L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine are essential amino acids, which are important for muscle recovery after strenuous workouts. Additionally, these amino acids stop muscle breakdown and are a readily available source of energy for working muscles (4-7).

Carnitine tartrate: This ingredient is involved in energy metabolism and mitochondrial protection and supports oxygen in muscle tissues (8-10). L-carnitine is an essential substance that the body needs to support fat burning during a workout. This nutrient enables fats to enter mitochondria in cells where fats are used for energy (11).

Glutamine, tyrosine, and histidine HCl: These supporting amino acids are essential for muscle recovery after a strenuous workout.

Make AMPED BCAA Plus Part of Your Workout

When you include AMPED BCAA Plus during your workouts, you are delivering vital BCAAs along with other powerful ingredients to your muscles, helping you push through your personal limits for optimal performance. Whether your goal is more gains, greater endurance or effective recovery, AMPED BCAA Plus will help you achieve your full potential.

The statements appearing in this article have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, on medication, have a medical condition or are beginning a weight loss program, consult your GP before using Isagenix products or making any other dietary changes. Discontinue use if adverse event occur.


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