Isagenix-Logo-TaglineIt’s easy to stay positive about Isagenix®. Right? Our products are top notch and our compensation plan is out of this world! We truly do have solutions to transform lives.

But what do you say when people ask you about other companies or their products? What if they criticise Isagenix? Do you let others drag you down?

One of the best ways to build a stronger business is to stay positive—no matter what. When someone tries to drag you into an argument about which company’s products work better, or which company’s compensation plan pays the most, take the high road.

Don’t get dragged into unnecessary (and sometimes unlawful) comparisons. Just stay positive and say you’re not going to talk about other companies—because you are selling Isagenix and the results speak for themselves!

Your confidence and professionalism will say more about the strength of Isagenix than anything else.

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