Compliance Update: How to ensure your new Associate has the best experience ever!

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When introducing Isagenix® products and systems to a new Associate, it can be difficult not to ‘verbal vomit’! There is so much information available so where do you start? Find out here.

Platinum Call: Tips from Isagenix Corporate Attorney on how to share Isagenix!

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How can I share my weight loss results? Why should I lead with the products? How can I tell people about the earning potential with Isagenix®? How do I help my team to be compliant? Tune into the next Platinum Call on Monday 19 October at 8:00pm AEDT (Sydney time) to find out why Compliance is important to you and how you can integrate some simple tricks to ensure sustainability and success in your Isagenix business!

Sharing Isagenix the right way

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Are you excited to share the results of your latest IsaBody Challenge® but not quite sure how to spread the big news? Did you get your products paid for last month and want to shout about it from the mountain tops, but are worried it may not be compliant or may sound like a cliché infomercial? Well, the Compliance Team at Isagenix® is here for you.

How to deal with misinformation on the Internet

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With any company experiencing growth, as our name and culture touches more lives, we will be met with the inevitable critics and naysayers. With the same ease that we share an article from with our closest friends or post a picture on social media with our newest product user, our critics make sweeping conclusions about health and wellness or the legacy we are building here at Isagenix®. Negativity is troublesome and it is natural to want to strike back and temper the inaccuracies and slanderous statements or immediately ask ‘is this true?’
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