Congratulations to everyone who has completed their 90-Day Game Plan! Today marks the end of a MASSIVE 90 days and we want to celebrate your success! Dial in to share your story with Bill and Sharon Ryan, 4 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive on the 90-Day Game Plan Success Week conference call at 1:00pm AEST (Sydney time) this Tuesday 16 June!

150x150px-Bill-&-Sharon-RyanBill and Sharon have seen the success of their business grow as a direct result of completing two 90-Day Game Plans and that’s just the beginning!

With their hard work and commitment to their team, we’ve seen them top May’s Leadership Pool results, earning them a triple bonus for achieving personal cycle growth over 21 cycles in our 2 Star and Above Golden Circle Leadership Pool – $5 Million!

On this week’s final 90-Day Game Plan call, they will share their experiences and tips on how you can keep your momentum going into the next 90 days.

We want to hear from you!

Since Celebration in March, you have been growing your business with Launch Parties, Text Blitz Days and of course the 90-Day Game Plan at your side. We want to hear your 90-Day Game Plan success stories!

Share your success story on the 90-Day Game Plan Facebook page or email us here at CommunicationsANZ@IsagenixCorp.com. Whether it’s a photo, a piece of inspiration that got you over a stumbling block, or an amazing success story, we’re excited to hear from you.

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