180px-FibreSnacksPeanut Chocolate Chew FibreSnacks! are a delicious and convenient way to provide your body with digestive support while enjoying a guilt-free nutty delight!

With filling fibre and protein, these healthy snacks help curb hunger and keep you satisfied between meals, making them perfect for Shake Days.

FibreSnacks! contain 6g of fibre, which is 20% of your recommended daily intake and only 628kJ with zero trans fats. It’s a deliciously-smart snack with just the right balance of peanuts and a smattering of chocolate, perfect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With a premium mixture of prebiotic soluble and insoluble fibre, this healthy, gluten-free snack keeps you satisfied for hours, while promoting healthy intestinal flora for a balanced digestive system.

FibreSnacks! are a great guilt-free snack for on the run! Check out more stories on ANZ.IsaFYI on how FibreSnacks! support weight loss and digestive function.

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