Last week, a VIP joined each official Isagenix® Facebook® group. Associates, meet Connie Comply. She’s here to make sure everyone stays on topic, stays positive and of course, stays compliant.Connie-Comply-quote

Starting today, Facebook group administrators must manually approve your posts and comments. Does this mean you shouldn’t post? Of course not. Does it mean you should think before you post? Certainly.

If you belong to at least one of our Facebook groups, you know they’re a great place to ask questions, help each other, and keep the momentum going strong. You also know that there are the occasional Sammy Spammers, Negative Nancys, and at least one guy who took a wrong turn at Candy Crush and wound up trying to find an NYKO roommate in the IsaBody Challenge group. We want to keep those errant folks to a minimum and foster constructive conversation instead.

Keep in mind that our new Facebook group compliance policy means that there might be a delay before your post displays on the page for all to see. You can speed up the process by ensuring that your posts are relevant to the group, positive, and free from any non-compliant product, medical, income or weight loss claims. For more information, see the Compliance section of your Associate Back Office (ABO) Library.

As always, if you need immediate assistance, please contact our Customer Care team. While Facebook groups can provide a lot of useful information, they aren’t a replacement for Customer Care.

Now, let’s go over the different Facebook groups that Isagenix offers.

We know you have a lot of questions—some of them about Facebook, some of them about your ABO, some of them about what mobile device is best, some of them are about the best ways to discipline your child. This group is a community of associates helping each other with these and other technical aspects of running your business (all except for the child discipline stuff—you’re on your own there).

Isagenix Business
Starting any business can be exciting—and confusing. If you’re new to Isagenix, however, we can help get rid of that confusing part. Here you can ask questions, get support, and learn how to expand your leadership.

Isagenix Events
This is the official Isagenix Events group run by our amazing Isagenix Events team here at corporate. Please use this group for all your events needs! From inviting friends, to finding roommates, sharing event photos, or asking questions. We’re here to help!

Isagenix IsaBody Challenge – Official Facebook Group
Support each other through the IsaBody Challenge Journey! Isagenix will be posting tips, healthy recipes, reminders, recognising our completions, sharing stories and motivating you all to be our next amazing transformation! (You must be a registered IsaBody Challenge contestant to join this group.)

Isagenix Recognition
This group is to put the spotlight on Isagenix Associates and all the hard work that they do! We’ll give you updates on up-and-coming leaders, new rank advancements, Top 25 Income Earners, millionaires and event recognition criteria. Please ask questions about Crystal Challenge, event recognition, rank advancements or other qualifications to be recognised with Isagenix!

Official Isagenix Health & Wellness Facebook Group
This is the Official Facebook group of the Isagenix Research and Science team. (Accept no substitutes.) Please be sure to refer to our blog at

START is a global youth movement (ages 18-35) that is changing the planet. We have a vision “to ignite all young people to own their lives physically and financially and through our contributions create freedom and a lasting legacy.” Post your comments, questions, pictures and encouragement here.

So, now that you know which group handles what, we can all help each other stay focused and compliant. And if Connie Comply isn’t enough to convince you, then take it from Erik #STARTYOURLIFE Coover: “Being compliant is sexy and all the cool kids are doing it.” How can you argue with that?