It’s that time again. That time where winter coats are pushed to the back of the wardrobe and replaced with shorts, T-shirts and swimsuits. Whether you have been preparing your summer body all year long or you’re in the process now, keeping active even when the weather is warm is integral to your health and wellbeing.

With temperatures soaring during the summer months, it can be difficult to find the motivation to complete structured, high-intensity workouts, especially in a gym. Check out some exciting outdoor activities that’ll keep you healthy throughout the warmer months without being bound to a gym or rigid workout schedule.

Perfect for all fitness levels, yoga is great for improving strength, muscle tone and flexibility. Even better, it works well as a stress reliever and burns calories while keeping sweat to a minimum. Yoga can be performed at home, in a studio or even on the beach, making it perfect if you’re pressed for time.

One of the most popular, low-intensity workouts, walking is the easiest and most accessible form of exercise. Depending on your goals, you can easily switch up the intensity of your walk by incorporating hills or altering your pace. For those who are short on time, try heading outside for a walk during your lunch break or walk to nearby locations instead of taking the car or public transport. Feeling adventurous? Take your walks to the bush or nature reserves! Just be sure to map out your plans in advance and ensure you inform others of your route.

Water exercises
Whether it’s your backyard pool, local gym pool or the beach, taking your workout to the water can provide an excellent, low-intensity workout suitable for all ages. Water exercises offer an array of benefits such as increased cardiovascular stamina, flexibility and strength. The water pressure also helps circulation and is gentler on joints in comparison to land exercises. And nothing beats being in the water during a sweltering spring or summer day!

Not only does kayaking allow you to be in the midst of nature, it’s also a great way to improve your upper body strength and cardiovascular health. As a low-impact activity, kayaking is gentle on the joints and is a fun activity that you can participate in alone or with a group.

So, what are you waiting for? Stay active and enjoy the warm weather by incorporating these fun, outdoor activities into your summer workout schedule. Your mind, body and soul will thank you!