The world of network marketing has its ups and downs, and no one knows this more than Dawn Schoonmaker. With around 40 years of network marketing experience behind her, the 74-year-old personifies the meaning of persistence and resilience.

A pioneer for network marketing in Australia, Dawn certainly didn’t have a smooth initiation into the industry.

“Unfortunately, when I first started network marketing, I had to do it in secret,” she says. “My husband at the time didn’t want me to work, he was a bit of a control freak.”

Despite the obstacles Dawn faced, she persisted with her passion project of building her own business. In 2007, Dawn’s decades of determination finally led her to Isagenix. After experiencing the products for the first time, she immediately felt a shift. From that moment on, her confidence in the system and the business grew.

As someone who had spent the large part of her adult life supporting her partner achieve their dreams, building her own successful business gave Dawn a sense of pride and fulfilment she’d never experienced before.

“When you’re dependent on your husband, you always feel like you need to ask permission to do something for yourself,” says Dawn. “So, to build my own business was extremely rewarding, and any woman who’s experienced the same as me would know that.”

Throughout Dawn’s career in network marketing, she has experienced all types of cultural and technological shifts that have drastically altered the way people build and grow their businesses. While Dawn tries to adapt to the ever-evolving changes, she sticks to the methods and practices that have stood the test of time.

“For me, I’ve always been a belly-to-belly type person,” she says. “I like connecting with people, asking questions and building a relationship rather than pushing for a sale because at the end of the day, they’re just investing in the products, they’re investing in you.”

For that reason, Dawn’s job doesn’t end when someone makes a commitment to her business.

“When you get someone puts their trust in you, the worst thing you can do is forget about them,” says Dawn. “Whether someone buys one shake or an Ultimate Pack, everyone deserves platinum star service.”

Her incredible service and commitment saw her reach the rank of Executive in just one month. After a decade of devotion to the Isagenix brand, it is no surprise to see her become an Isagenix Legacy Club Millionaire, a milestone Dawn had set her sights on from the day she started her business.

“I’m most grateful to the Coover’s for this amazing opportunity,” says Dawn. “If it wasn’t for this, not only have I been able to enjoy my retirement, but it’s given me something that I can pass down to my children.”

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