Craig Mayson

Age: 43

Location: Hamilton East, New Zealand

Challenges Completed: 1

Craig had been feeling down for three years following a long-term relationship break up. To cope, he set himself a routine of work, gym and sleep. Despite following a consistently healthy lifestyle, Craig wasn’t getting the results he expected from the effort and dedication he was putting in.

“Shortly after joining Isagenix, I began to see the physical changes in my body,” he says. “I lost 8.5 kgs in the first month and over my 16-week challenge I lost 10.5 kgs.”

Not only have his friends and family noticed the positive changes in his health, Craig feels the best he’s ever felt in the last 20 years.

“I feel lighter, more confident and have more energy,” says Craig. “I’ve always wanted to be healthier and fitter, but it’s never all come together until now.”


Michelle Van Cornewal

Age: 40

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Challenges Completed: 1

Weight has been something Michelle struggled with since becoming a mother. Feeling like her lifestyle was out of control, the mother of two decided she needed to make a healthy change.

“I felt I needed to something for me to get me back to the fun-loving, happy person I used to be,” she says. “I wanted to be the best person I could be for not just myself, but the people I love and care about.”

At the end of her second IsaBody Challenge®, Michelle had slimmed down to 88 kgs, a total weight loss of 42 kgs since joining Isagenix.


Philippa Larsen

Age: 34

Location: Tokoroa, New Zealand

Challenges Completed: 2

Philippa may have only lost 3.2 kgs during her challenge, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her body going from strength to strength.

“The last 16 weeks has seen me run faster than ever before,” she says. “I can now complete a half marathon in one hour and 42 minutes. My next goal is to finish in one hour and 30 minutes.”

Isagenix has been with Philippa every step of the way throughout her journey, allowing her to perform at her peak and recover in time to stay consistent.

“I found that even after riding 80 km on my horse I’m still able to run the next day which blows my mind,” says Philippa. “I’m only two kilos away from my weight. I know I will get there and I’m so excited to see even more positive body changes over my next 16-week challenge.”


Sally Phillips

Age: 47

Location: Victoria, Australia

Challenges Completed: 1

Sally’s disappointment in herself was only made worse when her blood tests revealed borderline type 2 diabetic. Her unhealthy lifestyle was a drastic change to what had experienced for much of her active life.

“I was super fit and healthy for many years while I was an elite athlete representing Australia and playing in the Women’s National Basketball League,” she says. “To go from that to being miserable and overweight was terrible. I felt so disappointed in myself all the time.”

With no end in sight, Sally had almost accepted that she would be overweight and miserable for the rest of her life. She could never have imagined the success she’s enjoyed with the IsaBody Challenge.

“Now I’m able to leave my home and not feel ashamed of myself,” says Sally. “I feel so proud to have so many people telling me how great I look. More importantly, how I feel about myself is the best result anyone could ever ask for.”


Tolovae Auva’a

Age: 64

Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Challenges Completed: 1

Tolovae’s world was turned upside down when at just age 64, suffered a heart attack. Realising that she had been given a second chance at life, he decided to focus on his health and wellbeing.

“I restarted my Isagenix journey the week after my heart attack and haven’t looked back since,” says Tolovae. “My goal was to keep losing weight, build muscle mass, improve my mental health and happiness and to be a beacon of light for those suffering like I was.”

As a Pacific Islander male, Tolovae says health problems aren’t typically spoken about openly. Now he aims to use his new lease of life to help his fellow Polynesian brothers and sisters stay aware and not take their health for granted.

“I’m more than happy to be the example for people to realise that anything is possible, regardless of your age,” he says. “If you have heart, guidance and a clear vision of your why in perspective, you’re on the road to success.”