For Brendan De Salis, every day is a new adventure. Since ditching his decade-long corporate career in Financial Planning, this START 1000 member has dedicated his life to serving others through the Isagenix® vehicle. But it’s not just his passion for health and wellness that sets Brendan apart from the crowd.

Brendan’s days are jam-packed. From building his Isagenix business and coaching others to success, to donating large chunks of his time to charity, this millennial’s energy and vision is hard to miss. But there was a time when Brendan’s zest for life was buried under exhaustion and the desire for something different. “I’d come home from work and plonk myself straight onto the couch to watch TV,” he reflects. “Although I enjoyed my job, I knew there had to be more to life.”

When Brendan isn’t replying to emails, participating in 3-Way Calls with his team and meeting new people, you can find him either planning his next cultural getaway, mentoring indigenous children in far north Queensland or gathering his team for a charity give back day. “I was sceptical about Isagenix at the start but people’s passion and excitement for the program inspired me,” he says. “Not only has my health and wellness reached new levels, I also now have the ability to expand my mind by travelling regularly to experience different cultures which is something you simply can’t do when you work a standard 9-5 job. I’m now inspired to connect with, mentor and learn from people everywhere I go.”

As a START 1000 member and advocate for living beyond the status quo, gratitude and servant leadership are values that Brendan holds close to his heart. “START represents contribution, innovation and a genuine care for people and the planet,” he says. “I love watching people take ownership of their lives. I love having the ability to visit my family whenever I want and experience amazing cultures around the world with my girlfriend, Dominique. I love being able to share this gift with the world. Most of all, I love that the future is in my hands.”