When Jim and Kathy Coover co-founded Isagenix in 2002, they knew adaptogens — those specialised plants containing their own “secret sauce,” allowing them to thrive and survive the harshest of environments — would figure prominently. To ensure Isagenix utilised only the best science in its products, they turned to the “father of adaptogens” himself, Dr. Israel Brekhman. One of Dr. Brekhman’s specific adaptogenic blends was part of the inspiration for e+™.

E+ contains that specific blend of 10 adaptogenic herbs along with approximately 85 milligrams of naturally sourced caffeine from green tea and yerba maté. The two-ounce energy shot has now been shown to provide cognitive and mental performance benefits in a just-published, double-blind, randomised control clinical study in the journal Nutrients.

Study Details

The study included 30 young male and female volunteers who met strict criteria of low caffeine consumption. Each subject was assigned one of three beverages: a placebo, a synthetic caffeinated beverage, or e+. The caffeinated beverage contained slightly more caffeine (100 milligrams) compared to e+ (85 milligrams).

After consuming their assigned product, each subject completed a series of cognitive and mental performance tests. Also collected were measures of mood and physiological responses such as blood pressure and heart rate. After at least 48 hours, subjects consumed a different study product and once again completed the battery of tests. This protocol was repeated a third time so that each subject consumed all three products.


The study found that both the caffeinated placebo and e+ slightly increased systolic blood pressure, though still well within the normal range. The caffeinated beverage also led to an improvement in most cognitive measures and mood.

Similarly, e+ also produced steady improvements with no significant differences between beverages on most cognitive and mood tests. However, e+ significantly improved cognitive reaction time (a quicker response), whereas the caffeine product slightly worsened reaction time. These results suggested that the specific blend of adaptogens in e+ may have negated some of the detrimental cognitive effects of synthetic caffeine.

The lead scientist of the study, Dr. Ali Boolani, associate professor of physical therapy at Clarkson University, noted, “E+ shots provide gradual increases in feelings of energy compared to synthetic caffeine and may have the potential to have longer-lasting effects than synthetic caffeine alone.”

Incorporate e+ Into Your Health Regimen

With 35 calories per serving, several flavor options, and no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, e+ is a perfect way to maximise your day’s output, provide a pre-workout boost, or simply clear those midday “cobwebs.” Its adaptogenic blend plus caffeine perfectly complements our other adaptogen-rich or naturally sourced caffeine-containing products, like BĒA™ Sparkling Energy Drink, IsaGenesis®, Ionix® Supreme, Cleanse for Life®, and Isagenix Coffee.


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