It’s fair to say that network marketing is changing the way everyone thinks about earning an income, especially busy mums. What isn’t there to like about getting paid to share your favourite products and working your own hours? It’s something everyone would love. Don’t just take our word for it! 

76 percent of Aussies are looking for a side hustle, according to the 2016 nbn Side Hustle Report. It’s hard to turn down the opportunity to lessen financial stress by doing something you love, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love our incredible range of products? 

There’s more opportunity than ever before. In fact, 75 percent of Aussies think there’s an opportunity to side hustle online.  

When you think about it, Network Marketing provides the perfect opportunity for busy mums to relieve financial stress without having to sacrifice time with their family. In just over ten years, thousands of Aussie women have taken the opportunity to transform the way they think about work and business forever.  

Almost three-quarters of all direct sellers in Australia are female. They’re not just in the game of Network Marketing, they’re owning it! Women represent 80 percent of our top income earners in New Zealand and 56 percent of our top 25 income earners in Australia.  

While we are recognising mums this Mother’s Day for everything they already do, it’s also a chance to discover how much more they can achieve with the right support. That’s where Isagenix can step in and help transform not just your health and wellness, but we’ll help you have your cake and eat it too!  

The way women work is changing, and more women are feeling empowered to start and run their own businesses, including those in the health and wellness industry. Mothers, in particular, have redefined what it means to work by working from home and earning income. They’ve strategically aligned themselves with business models that support their entrepreneurial goals, rather than hindering them. 

So, if you know a strong and enthusiastic mother, make the time to open their eyes at the incredible opportunities they can achieve through Network Marketing with Isagenix! She might take a little extra convincing but that’s okay, a little something special from our #MonthOfMum Catalogue is sure to sweeten the deal.