…Except where it comes from of course! 

We think our IsaOmega™ is so fintastic, salmon had to say it! Fish puns aside, let’s take a deep dive into the waters from which the fish oil in IsaOmega is responsibly sourced 

Where our fish oil comes from 

Every IsaOmega capsule contains fish oil triglycerides that are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, including EPA and DHA. This oil is derived from sustainablysourced sardines and anchovies from suppliers that meet the requirements for Friend of the Sea (FOTS) 

Sustainable fishing practices 

Taking steps to ensure a healthy fish supply both now and in the future is something that we take very seriouslyso were committed to sourcing fish oil from FOTScertified suppliers. FOTS certification dictates that:  

  1. Fishing methods must eliminate the bycatch of vulnerable or IUCN Redlist endangered speciesBycatch is an unwanted marine animal that is caught as part of fishing for a different species, such as when dolphins are killed in nets that are meant to catch tuna.  
  1. Fishing methods must avoid significant impact on the sea bed. Dredging is one example of a fishing method that destroys the sea bed and is not permitted under FOTS certification. 
  1. Fishing may only be for non-overexploited target stock according to FAO, Regional Fishery Bodies and National Fisheries Authoritiesin South Pacific fisheries, sardines and anchovy have sustainable population levels (thanks to their high production rate and short lifespan) that are not over-exploited or threatened

How we guarantee the highest-quality fish oil 

We access a stateoftheart production facility located on the coast of Northern Chile, close to the South Pacific Ocean where the anchovies and sardines for IsaOmega are harvested. Our manufacturing facility receives freshly harvested fish from a select group of FOTS certified fishing companiesThe quick turnaround time from catch to capsule, along with gentle processing techniques, ensures the highest quality fish oil and the lowest levels of oxidation (damage) to the long-chain omega-3s 

As goes for all of our raw material testing and handling procedures, the fish oil is tested for over 400 contaminants and environmental pollutants, including heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins to ensure only the utmost purity in every bottle.  

So… there you have it! Fish oil that’s up to scale 😉 – good for you and good for the planet! Have you had your IsaOmega today?