Team Isagenix Athlete, Colin Scotts, has many impressive sporting accolades attached to his name. Creating history as the first Australian to play professional NFL in the United States, Colin started his career in schoolboy Rugby Union, catching the eye of a University of Hawaii coach whilst touring the United States with his rugby team. Making the switch to American college football, Colin was thrust into the unknown.

After four years, Colin’s NFL career came to an end after snapping his achilleas. “Playing at that level was an incredible experience but it was also a brutal one,” he admits. “Whilst I was playing in the NFL I had to keep my weight the same – if I gained or lost a kilo I’d be fined for it. I found it really challenging. Up until I was introduced to Isagenix® I was struggling to keep my weight stable. I just wasn’t educated on the power of good nutrition.”

After retiring from NFL, Colin went on to become a WWF Pro Wrestler but sustained further injuries when he broke both his arm and back, forcing him to leave wrestling behind and pursue motivational speaking. More recently, with a life-time of sporting knowledge under his belt, Colin released an autobiography detailing his experience as the first Australian to play American college football.

Now in his early 50s, Colin is a strong advocate for health and wellness and has had huge success with improving his own health and wellbeing with Isagenix. “The average life expectancy of NFL players is in the mid to late-50s,” he explains. “It’s no surprise why with the amount of injuries sustained. Isagenix has helped me lose the excess weight I’ve gained since retiring and I’ve kept it off.”

Referring to himself as a “sugar addict”, at first, Colin focused on changing his eating habits by incorporating the Isagenix System into his life. “Not only was I able to release excess weight, I was also able to gain back my energy,” he shares. “The thing I love most about using the System is its simplicity. I’m still using the products daily after 2 years.”

Passionate about sharing the importance of health and wellness, especially to young athletes, Colin is a proud Team Isagenix Athlete. “I wish Isagenix had been around when I was playing professional football,” he laughs. “The AMPED™ range has been a gamechanger for me – I’m able to work out harder than ever since incorporating it into my regime. I am proud to represent Isagenix and believe this is the best nutrition in the world.”