For the last month, the Isa-fied have been locking horns over one divisive, very important question, #TeamCrunchy or #TeamSmooth?

But it was so close that we wiped clean the drawing board and asked, ‘why not both?’

That’s right! The limited-edition IsaLean™ Bar Double Peanut Butter is the best of both worlds. Sometimes, one serving of nutty goodness just doesn’t cut it, but doubling up makes it double delish.

… But we’re not done there.

Every IsaLean™ Bar needs a partner in crime, which is why you should pair the Double Peanut Butter Bar with not one, not two, but FOUR limited-edition IsaLean™ Shake flavours!

Your favourite Shake flavours are making a triumphant return for Shake Month. Mocha, Mango, Cookies & Cream and Berries & Cream will be available until 8:00 am on 31 August (unless they’re scooped up sooner). For even more bang for your buck, buy four Shake Month Shakes and get FREE SHIPPING. Our expert advice: stock up and get in quick!

If a massive splash of products like this isn’t enough to motivate you this winter, sign up for the ANZ 30-Day Challenge! With the support of over 1,000 participants, expert product tips and inspo from our IsaBody Challenge Finalists, your body and mind will be primed and ready to tackle the summer sunshine.

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