2018 was a year packed with plenty of highs for Craig Plaister. The 53-year-old IT business owner set himself some incredibly challenging goals to resurrect his health. Starting the year weighing 97 kgs, Craig trained for – and completed – a 100 km bike ride, a 10 km run and another 2.5 km swim and lost 26 kgs in the process!

Craig’s monumental feats were later matched with some heavy downfalls. Juggling his own business and health during a marriage breakdown at the back of the year proved to be a testing time for Craig. But, as the saying goes, ‘when it rains, it pours’.

The exercise enthusiast was involved in a frightening bike accident which set him back on his wellness journey.

“I was riding at full speed on a straight bit of road before a young girl pushed her bike out in front of me,” says Craig. “Fortunately, I hit the bike and not her, but I went straight over the handlebars and was lucky to land on the grass.”

Craig suffered a minor break to his collar bone as a result. After months of recovery, jumping back on his bike or swimming was out of the question, so he turned his attention solely on running.

“My goal for 2019 was to run at least one major event each month, complete 50 park runs and run 1000 km for the year,” he says. “As it stands, I’ve done 32 park runs and I’m on track to reach the 1000 km milestone.”

While the Canberra cold has tested his motivation this winter, he will always be inspired by his late aunt.

“I remember her telling me years ago that I had to get healthier. It inspired me to finish the last few kilometers of my first marathon really strong,” Craig recalls.  “Crossing the line was a euphoric feeling that I would never forget.”

If the lasting memory of his aunt wasn’t enough motivation, Craig has the support of more than 10,000 members of the IsaBody Challenge® community who have motivated and encouraged him throughout his journey. “Everyone is so invested in everyone else’s success and becoming the best version of themselves, which is a very good thing.”

As someone who almost ticked over the 100 kg mark before taking a chance with Isagenix®, Craig’s advice to anyone wanting a change is not to leave it too late.

“The best time to start might already have passed, but the next best time is now. Don’t delay the change and you’ll be grateful for it.”

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