Achieving health and fitness goals can be challenging. Achieving those goals and maintaining the results can be even more challenging. To help you out, we’ve come up with some helpful strategies on sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Develop healthy habits
At the start of any successful exercise routine and nutrition plan, developing healthy habits is key. Even before you have reached your health and fitness goals, you will need to start making good habits early on. This will make weight management much easier, especially when it comes to sticking to the best dietary choices.

Set goals
It’s important to establish goals. You can’t reach a goal if you don’t actually have one. When it comes to maintaining your body weight, keep that goal in mind and hold yourself accountable for staying within that range. Registering for the IsaBody Challenge® is great way to set goals and follow your plan through documenting your aims and progress in the IsaBody Challenge Planner during the 16-week Challenge.

Don’t fall into the guilt trap! Not everyone can follow the program perfectly all the time, and that’s okay! If you slip up occasionally, don’t let it sabotage your results or make you quit. Get back on track when you can and continue to work toward becoming your best you.

Tailor for your personal needs
It’s important to have flexibility when you are in maintenance mode. The key to achieving and maintaining health and fitness is to find the right balance that works for you personally. Fun times, such as holidays, birthdays and evenings out will always come up. It’s completely fine to enjoy these times! Try to keep your overall diet healthy and practical for your lifestyle. Shake and Cleanse Days are a great tool to fall back on when you start to feel you aren’t maintaining as well as you’d like. During maintenance mode, one to two shakes per day and up to four Cleanse Days per month (no more than two back-to-back) is ideal.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Exercising is a great way to break through plateaus and help you manage your weight, even after you’ve reached your goals. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk around the block, an intense weight-lifting workout or something in between, any exercise is great!

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