Isagenix® holds many events throughout the year and with 2017 officially here, we know you’re keen to find out what’s in store. Since the Isagenix ANZ events are so popular, we’d love to give you a heads-up on all the fantastic upcoming events this year to ensure you can get your hands on tickets before they sell out.

What can I attend you ask? Click here to see our 2017 calendar and find out about just some of the many events you’ll be excited to embrace in 2017!

IsaU is a two-day conference where you’ll learn all about Isagenix no-compromise products from long-term product users and learn how to develop your Isagenix business from Top Leaders. You’ll have the opportunity to try new products and will leave inspired to take your health and wealth to the next level.

If you’re ready to delve deep into the mindset required for Isagenix business success, University in Action is for you. The intimate, in-depth personal development training is delivered by inspirational Strategic Consultant David T.S. Wood. This event will teach you the building blocks needed to form a solid and successful business.

Summer Kick Off
Kick-start your business before summer sets in with Summer Kick Off, a three-day conference featuring new product launches, business training from Top Leaders and your chance to try and buy products, merchandise and sales tools.

Celebration is the biggest and best event on the Isagenix calendar and it’s no surprise that tickets sell out! Celebration is an epic, can’t-miss four-day experience for you and your team. With unprecedented opportunities to network and engage with other Associates, you’ll get the latest and greatest that Isagenix has to offer from new products, tools and merchandise that will reinvent your business. Celebration is a not-to-be-missed event filled with an exceptional agenda, phenomenal speakers, spectacular parties and opportunities for your personal and professional growth. You’ll leave with the ultimate knowledge of the company, create life-long memories and set yourself on the path to both health and business success.

If you love these events as much as we do, share a copy of the 2017 Events Calendar with your teams and head over to ANZ.IsagenixEvents.com to book tickets! Don’t forget to join our Isagenix Business ANZ Facebook group and subscribe to ANZ.IsaFYI.com to stay updated on all the latest details!