If you thought juggling parenthood, work, study and building a business with Isagenix® was impossible, think again. Charlotte Owen has defied all odds on her way to being inducted as a START1000 member.

“It is such a privilege to be in START1000, it’s one of the most powerful movements in the world,” Charlotte says. “The young people in the START Facebook group really shake up the norm. They all prioritise their health and finances and their lives are rich in service, heart and joy!”

“My life now is a beautiful mix of all the things I love. Since starting Isagenix, I’ve become a mum to my gorgeous daughter, landed my dream job, about to complete my master’s degree and of course I’m building a business with Isagenix,” Charlotte says. “I am busy but fitting my Isagenix business into the pockets of my time isn’t hard.”

Building her Isagenix business meant that by the time Charlotte became a mum, she was in a place where she didn’t have to return to full-time work when her little girl was born. “I cannot even express in words how much this has meant to me. There is no monetary value that could ever compensate for the time I’ve been able to spend with my little girl over the past two years,” she says. “Having time flexibility has meant that I can fulfil the measure of my calling as her mother, my highest priority, on my terms and not anybody else’s.”

“It breaks my heart to see so many women being forced to go back to work against their will,” says Lisa. “I want to show them that there is a different way and that they absolutely can stay home with their babies and make an income to support their families because we no longer live in a world where it’s one or the other. We can have both and I’m proud to be an example of that.”

START1000 isn’t Charlotte’s only milestone she’s achieved with Isagenix. “Hitting Crystal Executive was something I really strived for. It took me over two years to get there because I’ve never been a super speedy business builder,” Charlotte explains. “It’s not just about the milestones, what I love about my journey is that I have learnt to truly ride the highs and lows that come with building a network marketing business and I’m excited to help the future generation reap the rewards of this privileged work.”