Not all of us are natural-born sellers. In fact, some of us are downright awkward when we try. Whether you’ve been an Associate with Isagenix® for years, are just getting started or haven’t even thought about the business opportunity available to you, it can be challenging to figure out what to say, share and do (minus the awkwardness) when you’re approaching a potential Customer.

What to Say

So, you’ve tried our products, you love them and you’re legitimately excited to share them with your friends, but you feel weird getting all sales-y with your buds. Relax! You’ve got this.

Get the conversation started by giving others your honest opinion of how you feel while using Isagenix products. Are you feeling more energetic, dropping kilos or maybe just loving the convenience of the meals? Whatever it is that you like about the products, be honest and share it with whomever you’re approaching. The more authentic you are, the less awkward it will be!

If you’re more interested in sharing the business opportunity, that’s great too! Start by explaining how you like the products and the company and that will lead naturally into why you trust the opportunity side. It will also help honestly explain why you thought of this person to join you in the business. Are you drawn to them because they’re resourceful and smart? Tell them!

Here are some examples of what to SAY.

What to Share

If you’ve managed to get through the initial conversation with minimal awkwardness and optimal authenticity (we know you did great!), are you wondering what to do next? You’ve sparked your prospective Customer’s interest, so now give them something visual to help them understand what you’re talking about. Send them a link to so they can watch ‘before’ and ‘after’ videos, learn how the products work, read up on clinical studies and see how they can make money by sharing Isagenix with others. IsaMovie is great not just because it provides effective video content but it also has links to answer the most common objections we hear from potential Customers. Phew! Now that you gave your friend the link, you can let IsaMovie take care of the details for you and move on to the next step of what to DO.

What to Do

After giving them some time to peek around on, follow up with potential Customers and ask what their main goals are. Do they want to release some kilos, tone up, explore the business opportunity or simply get a feel for the products? Find out what their primary goal is and then help them with product recommendations based on their goals. Try recommending a favourite product or even opting to try something new together!

Want to see more about exactly what to DO when you’re working with newbies? Check out the DO Guide here!

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