180x180-px-Circle-TickAs Isagenix® expands in Australia and New Zealand, we want to ensure that your new Associate is welcomed to Isagenix the right way. As a leader of the Direct Selling Industry, it is important that your new Associate gets started in a way which meets market laws and regulations.

This will ensure that new Associates are able to experience the best of our consumer safety and privacy measures with no delay to their first Isagenix product order!

This is why the company has moved to a future of online enrolments for Associates and Preferred Customers. It’s a game-changer! Isagenix ANZ has done away with paper enrolment forms because they no longer accommodate our legal obligations. Most consumer transactions are digital already and now Isagenix can be at the forefront of its game.

Here at Isagenix, we see this as a turning point at which new Associates can enrol themselves on your Official Replicated Website and become familiar with other Isagenix websites. If you and your new Associate would like to complete the enrolment together over lunch, you may choose to go online to the Back Office and have your new enrollee complete their information.

In both scenarios, your new Associate is only entering their personal information and payment details on the official Isagenix website, which is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts the order information.

Download the New Enrolment Tool TODAY!

You can find the New Enrolment Tool for Australia and New Zealand:

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How to start using the New Enrolment Tool

Be sure to skill up on your Official Replicated Website and become familiar with the new enrolment process so that you can best assist your new people.

  1. Sitting at a cafe, Sarah starts a conversation with her friend Jane about her ideal summer body and what she is doing to achieve it. Jane shares her health goals for an upcoming wedding and Sarah realises that the Isagenix products could help Jane towards her goal.
  2. Sarah pulls out the New Enrolment Tool and introduces Jane to the Isagenix products. Sarah and Jane can together discuss what Isagenix products may help Jane have the best experience.
  3. Sarah tears off the bottom of the New Enrolment Tool so that she and Jane can exchange contact information.
  4. Jane takes the New Enrolment Tool home and jumps on her computer to complete her order. She can call Sarah if she has any questions. The Isagenix ANZ Customer Care Team are also available to assist Jane with any queries.

Stay tuned to ANZ.IsaFYI for the latest updates!