Get pumped up to join us on the latest IsaBody Challenge® conference call at 1:00pm AEDT (Sydney time) this Monday 16 November!

Tami Shervey, 2013 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner and 8 Star Platinum, 2 Star Executive will share how the experience transformed her life and what it means to her now. She will also talk about staying motivated through your 16-week transformation – be sure to dial in so you can ask Tami your questions at the end of the call!

Tami’s IsaBody journey

150x150px-Tami_5140Since joining in Isagenix® in 2011, Tami has loved incorporating the products into her daily routine and began her first IsaBody Challenge in June 2013.

She was determined to complete the 16-week journey while raising her family and working. Not only did reach this goal, she released 35kg and was named the 2013 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner.

“Being named the winner of the IsaBody Challenge 2013 was my dream come true!” shares Tami. “My focus was to help as many people to transform their bodies, whilst I transformed mine. Having a goal, a vision and working consistently towards that goal has been my path to success.”

Tami’s valuable tips for maintaining your motivation and completing your transformation will help anyone who is thinking of or currently participating in their own transformation.

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