Are you powering through the 90-Day Game Plan? The next 60 days will be the most valuable for goal setting, building belief and focusing on growth and we couldn’t be more excited to join you for month 2!

Today is ‘Text Message Blitz Day’ so why not join us in collaborating with one another to get the most out of connecting, building and leading your Isagenix® business!

Gather your team and organise an exciting ‘text messaging party’ where together, you can contact lots of prospects and build your business together as #oneteam.

The 90-Day Game Plan focuses on the fundamental skills needed to move forward and create a successful business with retention. Clarify your vision and goals, make sacrifices during this timeframe, but most of all, use the fundamental tools to plan and shape the business you want.

If you missed the Month 2 Launch Call, click here to listen in and get up-to-date on the latest tips and tools from 8 Star Platinum, 1 Star Executive, Helen K. to get the most out of your Text Message Blitz Day.

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One company, one team and one family- together we will.