Chrystal Earle has spent most of her life oscillating between opposite ends of the health spectrum. Finding it hard to put on weight in her early 20s, the self-confessed exercise enthusiast gave it her all in the gym to gain lean muscle weight. But, she soon learned to be careful what she wished for.

On her journey to becoming a mother of four, Chrystal’s weight see-sawed. “Before my fourth baby was born, I’d lost 150 kg in total,” Chrystal recalls. “With each pregnancy I’d put on 50 kg but eventually lost it each time.”

The fourth time was different. Not only was she nine years older, she now had four young children on her hands.

Not to sound like a broken record, but Chrystal had (of course) tried several weight loss programs but struggled to find something that fitted her busy lifestyle. “If I want to go out with my four kids,” she explains, “I know I can just swap and change when I have my IsaLean™ Shakes.”

Chrystal was sure that losing weight would solve all her physical problems, but after she started her Isagenix® system, she saw there was more to it. “I never realised I lacked energy more than anything else,” she says. “I used to fall asleep playing trains with my kids within five or ten minutes!”

Dozing off in front of the kids is now a thing of the past. In fact, her kids are now the ones trying to keep up with mum!

While losing weight has helped Chrystal become the mother she wants to be, it’s also done wonders for her mindset. “Fluctuating between two completely different sizes meant I never felt comfortable in my skin,” she explains. “I sort of accepted that this was my life and I wouldn’t amount to much.”

Knowing how bad it felt to dislike what she saw in the mirror, Chrystal’s goal is to become a Personal Trainer to show people that anything’s possible. Despite having lost almost 30 kg, she still thought she wasn’t worthy of chasing that passion until her fourth (and fifth) IsaBody Challenge®.

Over the last nine months, Chrystal has gained an incredible amount of confidence; she finally bit the bullet and enrolled in a Personal Training course. But she can’t take all the credit for her success.

“Everything I’ve achieved is purely because of my Isagenix journey. I can say with all my heart that I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself so I’m incredibly thankful,” she says. “The support of the IsaBody Challenge Community is insane.”