When you’re caught in your day-to-day routine, it can seem nearly impossible to spot habits or behaviours that may be harming your health. Heart health isn’t something most people think about regularly. So this month we’re putting our hearts in a different light.

The first step is to identify a potential problem, because without it there’s no need for change. Take a step back from your daily rituals and see if there’s anything you could change to help your healthy heart!


It’s common knowledge that smoking negatively impacts health and, in particular, heart health. Smokers not only have more heart attacks, strokes and angina than non-smokers, but also suffer heart disease much younger. The simple answer is to quit smoking, but if you need help, speak to your doctor.

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

These factors can often go undetected. Regular medical check-ups are your best bet for evaluating your risk. You may be recommended lifestyle changes or medication.


Even with no symptoms of high cholesterol, diabetes is a risk factor for heart disease as it changes the chemical makeup of substances in the body. Visit your doctor for tips on how to manage a healthy heart with diabetes.

Being Inactive/Overweight

Not being active and not maintaining a healthy weight can prevent you from enjoying the healthy heart you deserve. For tips on heart-friendly exercises check out our article on Healthy Heart Training!

Unhealthy Diet

Managing your diet can go a long way towards a healthy heart! Want a simple and easy guide to follow? Check out our article on Nutrition for a Healthy Heart.

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