Natalie McGavock was born to help people. Working for years as a mental health nurse, Natalie has devoted her life to helping people overcome their obstacles to lead a fulfilling and prosperous life. While supporting people in great need, Natalie was exposed to some horrific situations which had a profound impact on her own mindset and wellbeing.

In an effort to escape from the demands of work, Natalie began isolating herself and even turned to alcohol, which prevented her from socialising and exercising.

The nurse from New Zealand saw the IsaBody Challenge® as a way to prioritise her own health and wellness. “Looking after yourself is the most important thing you can ever possibly do,” she says. “I see so many health professionals and parents forget about their health, but if you don’t have your own mental, physical and emotional health in check, then you can’t go on and give to others.”

By taking control of her health, Natalie went on to become a 2018 IsaBody Challenge Finalist. From her days as a struggling mental health nurse in Sydney, Natalie’s transformation has allowed her to take her passion for helping people to new heights.

“My ‘why’ for getting my health and mindset right is centred around building my relationship with my stepson Taika and my partner Aden,” she says. “After a few months off work I’ve taken up a new job in health care which has taken me back to all the things I love about nursing.”

The IsaBody Challenge is now about so much more than just herself, but a tool in her belt to make an impact on world health. However, she’s still eager to expand her horizons to support people in all facets of their journey.

“Apart from nursing I’m also working towards becoming a personal trainer,” she says. “In nursing, I can only help people to a certain point, so I believe becoming a personal trainer is the next level for me and it ties in beautifully with what we offer with Isagenix®. It seems like the whole package!”

Natalie’s never-give-up attitude is something she urges all of her fellow IsaBody Challenge participants to follow because it’s during those tough times where real strength and perseverance shine through. “Plugging into the IsaBody Challenge community gets me through so many obstacles because their tips, ‘before and afters’ or simply their encouragement can help you push through anything!”