So you’ve created your vision and you’re on your way! The next step to help you achieve your vision is to identify and work to overcome the ways you distract yourself, or stop yourself from moving forward.

So what are your distractors? They come in many guises and can be internal distractors that affect your mindset, external distractors that impact your energy (such as negative people) and practical distractors that can impact your ability to make time in your day.

Here are a few common distractors:

  • Procrastination – Facebooking, watching TV, allowing people to distract you
  • Paralysis by analysis; getting ready to get ready; Intellectualising what you want rather than just getting on with it
  • Seeking out other people who’ll ‘support you’ in not getting what you want, who’ll feed your concerns or throw myths at you from every angle
  • Imaging the difficulties ahead if you set out to do what you want
  • Finding distractions, other things to do, to worry about, that will delay you starting down the path to achieving your vision
  • Telling yourself you’re not worthy of this goal
  • Allowing your self-talk, (you know, that little but VERY LOUD internal critic – your “IMPOSTER’) to tell you that this goal is simply not achievable for you
  • Convincing yourself that change or achieving your vision will mean a loss of identity for you, that you’ll no longer be the person you are today if you want to change in any way, that you can’t possibly hold on to what you have now as well as having new choices

Now be honest, identify which of these is the real or potential stopper to achieving what you want. Write this in your 90 Day Game Plan and ask yourself, what do I want instead of this? What am I going to commit to do to get it?