With your vision set and your distractions identified and eliminated, you now need to set yourself up like any other professional and business owner would. This is one quick and easy thing you can do to indicate to yourself, your family and friends that you mean business; you’re serious about developing your Isagenix business.

So, do you need to update your laptop? Your printer? Maybe buy a better or more reliable phone, carve out an office space if you don’t have a spare room? Have you set up your Isagenix social media pages; set up your Microsoft Outlook calendar? Have you gone to the Associate Back Office and checked out all the amazing tools available – we’ve done the work for you so no need to reinvent the wheel!

Put in place a system for keeping track of and following up your contacts that works for you – it could be paper tacked to the wall, a whiteboard or an Excel spreadsheet – whatever works for you! This is forward motion and action will help strengthen your mindset, set you on your journey and send a strong message to you, your family and friends.

Take Action! Create your Business To-Do list and tick things off one by one.

Big financial investments aren’t what we’re talking about here: this is simply about getting organised step by step. As your business grows, as it inevitably will as you follow the 90 day plan, you’ll accumulate the funds for any new equipment you may need.