What do you get when you mix the superior nutrition in IsaLean™ Shake with the protein power in IsaPro®? You get the secret weapon for burning fat, building muscle and slowing muscle breakdown during recovery. Isagenix® athletes have long been mixing the two products to get results.

Why whey is superior

Athletes know protein has everything to do with muscle repair and growth. There are many meal replacement shakes on the market that employ soy as a protein source, but studies have shown that whey protein consistently delivers the best results for burning fat.

Best selling sports author and Olympic trainer, Dr. Michael Colgan, has been touting the benefits of whey protein concentrate for more than 20 years. “In ‘The Right Protein for Muscle and Strength’ I lauded the whey protein concentrate, the same one in Isagenix products! To maintain muscle it’s very important to have a good source of protein every single day.”

Why should I choose Isagenix whey?

Free of fillers and anything artificial, Isagenix whey protein is sourced from small family farms in New Zealand. Their free-grazing, pasture-fed dairy cows are milked according to season and free from the harmful effects of hormones or antibiotics.

Isagenix whey protein is pure and undenatured. Denaturing breaks down the protein, strips the whey of its natural, high-quality benefits and destroys bioactive compounds that have multiple benefits for humans. Undenatured whey contains numerous di-peptides (amino acid pairs) and tri-peptides (amino acid triples) that fit specific genetic locks in the body to turn on protein functions.

As a result, Isagenix whey protein contains a significantly low lactose level and superior amino acid profile to:

  • Increase fat loss without calorie restriction.
  • Slow muscle breakdown.
  • Replenish muscles and cells for faster recovery.
  • Target abdominal fat.

Personal Trainer, Mark Patience, sees the benefits of IsaPro helping both his professional and lifestyle clients.

“Protein such as that found in IsaPro is ideal for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Whey is by far the best form of protein for the body. It also helps improve the health of your hair, skin and nails.” Mark Patience, Personal Trainer and IsaExpert

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