Hayley Vandermeel
Age: 39
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Challenges Completed: 4

If you have ever been guilty of a bad sleeping pattern, eating junk food for comfort or surviving on probably too much coffee then you can start to understand Hayley’s position before IsaBody. Now imagine those bad habits on top of being a single mum of 4 boys and working full-time.

Stressed is an understatement and looking in the mirror was taboo, but it was after coming to the harsh realisation that this version of herself was detrimental to her children that Hayley decided to go all in and commit to becoming a changed woman.

16 weeks later, let’s just say goal achieved! Hayley has found a spark again, not only approaching each day energy, but smashing through gym workouts, smiling at the woman in the mirror and setting a healthy example for her children.

“I am a changed woman; my children are happier and now have the mummy they so deserve! No looking back!”


Kylie Saul
Age: 48
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Challenges Completed: 4

Over 4 IsaBody Challenges, Kylie has developed a new relationship with health and wellbeing. Although still working long hours, Kylie has found a way to fuel her busy lifestyle out on the dairy farm and remain energised, stress-free, and most importantly – happy.

Whilst never really doing anything wrong, Kylie knew in herself she could do better and be better. Isagenix has been the vehicle to educate her around not only nutrition, but overall wellbeing. “I have changed the way I cook to eating more green leafy vegetables on my plate…I run every day at the moment… I get out there and do my best.”

Excited for what the future has in store, Kylie is constantly learning from those around her, invested in her personal growth and shares her insights to support the community around her to live a fulfilling and grateful life.


Paul Saunders
Age: 48
Location: Western Australia
Challenges Completed: 1

Life was getting tougher by the day for Paul. With a diet consisting of purely sugars and fats, Paul was consuming multiple cans of soft drink daily just to keep his energy up. He was avoiding social events, lacking confidence, and gaining weight excessively leading to low self-esteem and even serious health issues. Something had to change.

After his Initial 30 Days with Isagenix, Paul felt a shift. His energy started to come back naturally, he was fitting back into smaller clothes and his network around him noticed the difference. Feeling proud and building a new life for himself, Paul started investing in self-development through podcasts and reading while keeping up with healthy habits with the right nutrition and daily exercise.

The best part of the story – Paul has improved his own quality of life, created an active flow on affect for his son, and uses his story to motivate and encourage others with insecurities around him.


Benjamin Alexander
Age: 38
Location: New Zealand
Challenges Completed: 1

What can we say about Benji? He is a loving husband, incredible father to 4 kids and loves to work hard and play hard, pouring himself into his family, friends, clients, and all those around him. It wasn’t until late last year, Benji came to the confronting realisation he was burning out.

Benji could feel his energy and creativity drifting away and noticed he wasn’t fully present when he wanted or needed to be, inevitably letting himself and those around him down. Enter Gabi Deane, an absolute energiser bunny who Benji saw consistently turn up with the vibrancy and relationship to health that he was searching for.

Once hearing her secret (Isagenix of course), Benji immediately signed up and has never looked back. Weight loss, muscle gain, clarity and energy have all rushed back!

“Our family is thriving. Relationships are blossoming. Creativity is exploding. Business is on fire. I have abundant energy. I’m fitter, faster and stronger than I’ve ever been, and I couldn’t be more delighted with the journey and the end results.”


Charm Tamatea
Age: 25
Location: New Zealand
Challenges Completed: 1

One week before Christmas in 2019, Charm experienced heartbreak and betrayal leading her to one of the biggest decisions of her life – packing her things and moving hours away from support. With days filled with grief, nights of endless tears and no clue what to do next, Charm was looking for a fresh start. 

Little did she know, outside of her comfort zone was the key to freedom and the path to becoming the best version of herself. Charm made the investment in Isagenix to support weight loss and to reclaim her confidence. Fast forward to today and Charm has lost an incredible 55kg’s and propelled into a life good health, setting an example for her children and building a legacy she’s proud to leave behind for indigenous families. 

“I have gone from broken to breakthrough. I have gone from being a couch potato to being a personal trainer. I have gone from feeling like I have nothing to offer to finding my purpose & now supporting people in the transformations of their own health & wellness, and what a soul fulfilling process it has been.”