Henare Walker

Age: 25

Location: Gisborne, New Zealand

Challenges Completed: 1

Stuck in bad habits, ignorance and negativity had taken over Henare’s relationship with being healthy. Poor decisions were reflected in his energy and lifestyle as well as what he saw in the mirror. After realising the example he was setting for his children he made the choice to start the IsaBody challenge.

“16 weeks on and I feel lean, and my energy levels are high, my mobility and ability to carry myself is amazing and I don’t suffer severe body and muscle aches from work… My external health is amazing i.e. my skin and my mental clarity is literally mind blowing”

Seamlessly able to incorporate the Isagenix system into his routine, Henare’s relationship toward food has completely transformed and his relationships with his wife and children are stronger than ever.


Jacqui Southcott

Age: 31

Location: Queensland, Australia

Challenges Completed: 3

A former gym and meal prep fanatic, Jacqui had always been disciplined when it came to a healthy lifestyle to boost her confidence, however welcoming her first child proved an inflexible approach was not sustainable. Finding a solution that was maintainable and kept her feeling confident was the ultimate goal.

“With great success and results, I knew I’d found my beacon and maintained my results easily.”

Overwhelming insecurity returned after Jacqui’s second child and so did the extra kgs. “I was once again living in a body that I did not recognise and despised my own reflection.“ The difference this time, she was aware of what was possible and dedicated herself to the Isabody challenge.

“Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge perfectly support and encourage the balanced lifestyle approach and thanks to this, my relationship with my body, with food and family involvement has never been better. That’s what I call ULTIMATE wellbeing.”


Robb Evans

Age: 52

Location: Victoria, Australia

Challenges Completed: 5

Robb is no stranger to health and fitness, opening his own business 10 years ago and dedicating his work to finding the best possible results for both his clients and his own lifestyle. Searching for a new technique for his weight loss clients struggling to change habits, Robb had been recommended Isagenix and decided to trial the system himself to experience the effect. 

“I thought I was living on the upper end of extreme health, only to realise that the Isagenix products were filling the void in my eating.” 

Thriving off his results, Robb continued to fuel his body to maintain an improved lifestyle. Undergoing two surgeries and unable to maximise his challenge results, Robb dedicated his focus to nutrition and reaped the benefits of cleanse days to remove toxins from his body to recover quickly. 

“I’ve been using the products for six months and the results are incredible. My energy levels have improved…  I feel the healthiest, strongest and leanest I’ve ever been.” 


Sam Welsh

Age: 22

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

Challenges Completed: 1

Almost 4 years ago, Sam was diagnosed with chronic depression and chronic insomnia after an ongoing battle with mental health longing to “be skinny”. 2 years and multiple eating disorders later, the side effects of heavy medications had plummeted Sam to the heaviest and least confident version of herself she had ever been.

“At this point I was desperate for change. Desperate for an alternative way to lose the excess weight I gained, an alternative way to elevate my energy and moods, and importantly in a way that was holistic.”

Sam invested in her health and committed to the IsaBody challenge surrounding herself in a community of empowerment and positivity. 16 weeks later, she has adopted a complete shift in mentality around her relationship with food, with scales, and with health in general.

“For the first time in longer than I can remember I look in the mirror and I smile. I smile because I can honestly say I am learning to love my body, and I am proud of the progress I am making.”


Steve Masters

Age: 39

Location: Queensland, Australia

Challenges Completed: 16

Proving that being in isolation is no excuse for poor habits, and being on Isagenix for 8 years now, Steve used the IsaBody challenge to recommit to a weekly routine to maintain his healthy lifestyle.

“At the end of the day, all the decisions we make are a choice. And it’s those choices that determine how we look, act, feel, sleep etc.” Dedicated to healthy options, every day Steve chooses to be the best version of himself by training regularly and fueling his body with the Isagenix system.

Driven by raising happy, healthy children and grandchildren, Steve lives each day setting an example for future generations. “Seeing them live the healthy lifestyle I portrayed, seeing them be active and healthy, seeing them living life to the full. Because that’s every parent’s dream isn’t it.”