Adele Fa’aeteete

Age: 33

Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Challenges Completed: 2

After losing her sister to a rare blood disease, Adele would spend her beautiful summer days at the cemetery. Dressed in a hooded jumper and jeans, she’d rather sweat through the summer sun out of embarrassment for not only how she looked, but how she felt.

“I could never carry my baby with me to visit my own sister because of my ab separation and the weight I carried around my stomach,” says Adele. “My weight acted as a shield to my emotions.”

The mother wanted a change, not only to help her manage her grief but to be more active with her kids and to donate plasma in her sister’s memory.

“I had lost 35 kgs before my first IsaBody® Challenge, but I was too scared to upload my before photos,” she says. “This time, I made it my mission to lose weight and put on muscle which I’ve been able to do.”

Adele’s results during her challenge helped her motivate another 48 people to begin their IsaBody Challenge.

James Burch

Age: 69

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Challenges Competed: 12

Following his prostate cancer diagnosis back in 2007, James’ body went through enormous physical and emotional changes that impacted his life and his close relationships. In 2010, after his health started to get back on track, he was forced to move with his wife to Australia to be with his seriously ill mother-in-law.

Their relocation steered James back towards a negative mindset, where he isolated himself at home watching TV late into the night.

“This negative version of me continued into 2012 when I had to deal with the death of my father and then two months later the death of my mother,” he says. “I did what most men do and kept my emotions inside.”

In 2015, his daughter introduced James and his wife to Isagenix. While his wife was more receptive to the idea, James decided against it.

“It was only after watching my wife experience such a positive physical and emotional transformation that at age 63, I decided to do something about my poor lifestyle finally. I have lost over 30 kilos, I have an abundance of energy every day, I have greater clarity of mind, my sleep is fantastic, and most of all the happy and fit version of me is back to stay.”

“I now enjoy spending quality time with my three grandson’s age 5 and 2 and who says you have to look and feel like a granddad to be a grandad.”

Joseph Furguson

Age: 29

Location: Tairua, New Zealand

Challenges Completed: 1

When Joseph first started adopting the Isagenix® lifestyle, it wasn’t something he took seriously. Not really sticking to his programme, he quickly realised the people around him were all thriving and achieving their goals using the same system.

“I then made the best decision I have yet, and I went all in,” says Joseph. “Shortly after, I started seeing and feeling all the changes.”

Feeling so good in his own skin, Joseph had the confidence to not only chase his personal goals but to smash them. “I dropped over 10 kgs of fat and then started to build a few extra kilos of lean muscle while my performance and fitness continued to skyrocket.”

Having achieved his own goals alongside his partner Ruby, the couple decided to start helping others achieve the same.

“Not only has Isagenix changed the number of the scales, my clothes size, habits, relationships and lifestyle, but it’s also allowed me to share, learn and grow.”

Katrina Ball

Age: 37

Location: Victoria, Australia

Challenges Completed: 11

Not even COVID could derail Katrina’s IsaBody Challenge success. As someone who thrives on hitting goals in the gym, the isolation brought on through the quarantine period made Katrina feel as though she’d lost her identity.

Using the gym as her sanctuary, the mother of three now had to try and reach her goals from home which came with its challenges but keeping her ‘why’ at the forefront helped her stay on track.

“Being a mama to 3 beautiful cherubs, they have always been my why. I always couldn’t wait to be a mama ever since I was a little girl,” she says. “However, when the moment happened, I was overwhelmed and let guilt get in my way, and unfortunately, my health deteriorated.”

Feeling as though she was failing as a mother, Katrina decided that enough was enough and decided to give Isagenix a try.

“Since starting five years ago, I’ve not only released 30 kgs, but I’ve gained in lean muscle mass, and my body has transformed drastically externally and internally.”

Now, Katrina is a dance fitness instructor inspiring other mums that they can do whatever they want by putting themselves first. “I have never been this excited about life. Honestly, I’m just so grateful that someone dared to share it with me because now all I want to do is share it with the word.”