14-2095-B-isaFYI_profileImage_500x5002-150x150The 90-Day Game Plan wraps up this coming Sunday 14 June and it’s time to celebrate your success!

Looking back to March when you filled out your 90-Day Game Plan workbook, you wrote down your goals and set a vision for yourself. Grab your workbook and look at page 20 to see what you planned and how that matches your reality now! You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised!

Over the last three months, you’ve learnt how to use the tools to take your business to the next level. Part of completing a 90-Day Game Plan is celebrating the success of mastering these tools to incorporate into your day-to-day business building activities.

While the 90-Day Game Plan might be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean your momentum has to! Now you’re seeing the results, keep going! Just think about what you could imagine in the next 90 days!

Save the date and remember to dial into our 90-Day Game Plan Success conference call at 1:00pm AEST (Sydney time) on Tuesday 16 June!