Lynn Fitzpatrick has only ever looked at her Isagenix® business as a part-time passion, that has led to a full-time income. For half a decade, Lynn’s primary focus was running her successful pole dancing studios.

Having already helped hundreds of women with their health and confidence through pole dancing, Lynn never made a conscious decision to build an Isagenix business. Instead, her focus has always been on the person, sharing her product experience and answering any questions to help others find success.

Her selfless nature and drive for success all lead back to her loving Irish family, who are a big reason why she does what she does every day. Having the freedom and flexibility to visit her family whenever she wants is a massive part of what motivates her to succeed, but there are other underlying reasons at play.

“I’ve always wanted to help women become financially independent, so they don’t feel the guilt of asking their husband or partner for money,” says Lynn. “If I want something, I know how to work for it.”

As someone who finds joy by giving to those around her, Lynn’s financial independence has opened so many opportunities for her to fulfil random acts of kindness. None more heart-warming than providing a patient with Lyme Disease her very own bioresonance machine to continue her treatments.

“I love the fact that I can give what I want when I want. My dad was a massive giver, so it’s always been part of who I am too.”

Lynn confessed that she ultimately failed her way forward, making every mistake known to any network marketer. Despite having the experience of running a traditional business, she admits she didn’t understand how to run a massively successful business.

“Events were crucial for me,” she says. “They might seem similar, but there is always something new that sunk in each time, and it was important for my team that I’m there with them.”

Leading with her actions, Lynn loves witnessing her team succeed. On the other hand, she also feels partly responsible when people don’t find success which fuels her fire and motivates her to help elevate and recognise her team’s triumphs as often as she can.

For this extremely humble Irishwoman, the recognition that comes with reaching Legacy Club status and being a START ambassador isn’t something that comes easy to her.

“My dad always said, ‘if you do well, you don’t let anyone know how well you’re doing’,” says Lynn. “That’s why I’ve always preferred to lead from the back boost my team from below.”

Network marketing might not always be an easy business to be part of. Still, Lynn is confident that this is the best form of legacy income in the world. “Don’t give up because you have no idea what lies ahead if you just keep doing the do.”

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