Everyone who has completed an IsaBody Challenge® knows the best way to maintain (or better!) your results are by following the Start, Complete, Repeat method.

It’s only right if we make our completion process more simple, smarter and convenient.

That’s why, as of today, the IsaBody Challenge is available in the IsaLife™ app!

What you can easily do:

  • Register for the IsaBody Challenge. The new registration process is now live and will be available for all new registrations going forward.
  • Take your before photos (your front photo will be automatically date-stamped within the app!).
  • Access key information such as important due dates regarding your Challenge on the dashboard.
  • Track your BV using the BV tracker, which will be updated in real time to reflect how much BV you have accumulated during your Challenge.
  • Join us at IsaBody Fitness! You’ll have exclusive access to our new monthly workout program that will help you on your journey.

Who Can Complete Their Challenge in the IsaLife App?

If your Challenge qualifies for Judging Period 1 (beginning prior to 18 December 2019) and you still need to submit your after photos and essay and/or maintenance photos, you will need to complete your Challenge in your Back Office as done in the past.

If your Challenge qualifies for Judging Period 2, before 9 April 2020, you will be able to use the new and improved completion process in the app!

*Only required for those who have chosen to submit their transformation for the chance to be selected as an IsaBody Finalist or Honourable Mention.

What Else Is New?

Starting in Judging Period 2 (Challenges completed on or after 10 April 2020), you will be able to choose if you would like to submit your transformation for the chance to be selected as one of our IsaBody Finalists or Honourable Mentions! (If not, that’s fine, too!)

If you would like to submit your transformation, you’ll be asked to provide a 200-to-500-word inspirational essay. You may also be required to submit four final maintenance photos to complete your Challenge if your Challenge ends three weeks or more prior to the close of your Judging Period.

In addition, we have a faster time frame for your achievement awards! For anyone who completes their Challenge for Judging Period 2, you will now receive your $200 product coupon in your Back Office within 24 hours (this coupon will still have a 180-day expiration date). You’ll receive an alert letting you know when your coupon is available. Your exclusive IsaBody Top will be in your monthly Autoship by the end of the second month after the close of your judging period. eg. if your judging period closes in April you will receive your Top in your June Autoship.