Like most Journalism and Media uni grads, Mara Pomana spent two years doing unpaid internships to build her portfolio, which she hoped would help her land a dream job as a TV reporter. At just 23 years old, Mara gave up on her dreams and felt forced to settle for an admin job on $38,000 a year.

With her career heading in a completely different direction than she hoped, she couldn’t help but feel deflated and disappointed in herself. After the sacrifices her family made to migrate to Australia from Romania in 2007 and countless hours studying at university, Mara knew she was capable of much more.

One night at a party, Mara won ten personal training sessions with Isagenix® Associate Jacob Leaf and she got to work on her training the next week. After rejecting Jacob’s invitation to join Isagenix for five weeks, Mara finally caved in her penultimate session and decided she would attend an IsaU event.

“I listened to Peta Kelly speak at this event and I thought ‘oh my goodness, what is this?’” Mara recalls. “I listened to all the testimonials, but the one that struck me was 100 Pound Club member Eric Smetherham – in his 70s he had more energy than I did at 23!”

Feeling re-energised, Mara couldn’t help but share this opportunity with her housemates and close friends. A light-bulb moment came when she received her first payment from Isagenix.

“Having done all this work I couldn’t believe that I could get paid for telling someone to try a yummy smoothie,” Mara says. “I got to work straight away and contacted around 100 people in my first week! I had no idea what I was doing, but all I knew was that it was easy to tell people about it and I was going to recommend it to my friends anyway.”

Six years of perseverance and determination later, Mara is now an Isagenix Legacy Club Millionaire*! But for the young START Ambassador, her journey with Isagenix isn’t really about the money.

“My first ‘why’ was to create that freedom for myself so I could go travelling and enjoy myself,” she says. “After that, I wanted to give back to my parents for everything they’ve done for me over the years.”

Not only is Mara helping her mum and dad pay off their mortgage, she’s also taken them on family holidays to Bali, something they haven’t done for almost a decade.

While becoming a START Ambassador was one of Mara’s greatest achievements with Isagenix, she also experienced yet another incredible highlight just a fortnight ago.

“Seeing my team member Gabrielle Deane become an Isagenix millionaire was a huge moment for me,” she explains. “That made me think, ‘Wow, I was part of changing this person’s life forever just by telling them about Isagenix.’ That, to me, is priceless.”

Mara will certainly celebrate her own success, but now that the first and most challenging million is complete, she’ll as determined as ever to continue to grow her business even more!


*Isagenix Millionaires are defined as Isagenix Associates who have cumulatively earned $1 million or more with Isagenix.

Earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates discussed here should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements depend on individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For average earnings, refer to