Compliance is important because it protects you, your business and the company!

180px-Lucy-DillonMeet Lucy Dillon, Isagenix ANZ Policy Advisor! She’s passionate about helping you take your business to the next level and providing education and support to inspire a culture of Compliance within Isagenix.

As our Isafamily continually expands and our operations grow, it’s important that we keep compliance in-check. Many of our Associates are on top of this already and we couldn’t be prouder of all our teams and leaders who’ve achieved success in all the right ways.

With a strong vision, Lucy has big things planned for the Compliance Department! She’ll empower members with the skills to protect their business.

Looking for more great resources and compliance information?
Head to your Back Office > Resources > Browse Library > Compliance for Policies and Procedures, Forms and Letters and more Marketing information to ensure you stay on track.