In her first IsaBody Challenge® back in 2016, Leona Wyllie lost an incredible 22 kg. But her hard work was undone by a string of devasting family circumstances that followed.

“During my first Challenge my brother was diagnosed with cancer for the second time and a few months later my dad had a stroke,” Leona explains. “I decided to become a full-time carer for both of them.”

Not knowing how to cope with these unexpected stresses, the mother of two turned to unhealthy food and alcohol to wind down each day.

Leona decided to get back on track with her health after she was encouraged and inspired by her 13-year-old son Lawrence who has experienced an incredible transformation of his own.

“I thought, ‘if he can commit to his health like that then so can I’,” she says. “He cheers me on and helps keep me accountable every day.”

“Lawrence and I have received so much support from the IsaBody Challenge community,” she beams. “Everyone is so uplifting and it’s one of the few places where I’m comfortable to be myself.”

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