If you could bottle that ‘I got this’ feeling, it would look like e+. Since e+ landed in Australia and NZ in 2014, record numbers of workouts have been smashed, inspired office presentations have been delivered, and parents have found extra energy for yet more chasey with the kids.

And these results should come as no surprise! With a clever plant-based blend of natural caffeine, adaptogens and nothing artificial, there is nothing that comes close to our favourite pick-me-up.

The right amount of natural caffeine

Delivering 90 mg of caffeine – from yerba maté and green tea – in just 60 mL, this humble energy shot is designed to help you feel alert and ready to go, but without the jitters that often come with caffeine. An e+ shot provides the caffeine equivalent of an average espresso shot. However, the amount of caffeine in a barista-made coffee can vary, depending on the type of bean and when they were ground, and could deliver anywhere between 70 and 200 mg of caffeine per serve. So, if you’re a little caffeine-sensitive, it’s better to know exactly how much you’re getting every time. Step into the light, e+.

An exclusive blend of adaptogens

The jitter-free energy hit is also thanks to our exclusive blend of adaptogens, which is inspired by formulations designed by theFather of Adaptogens’ himself, Dr. Israel Brekhman.

Our adaptogen blend features key botanicals including rhodiola ‘roll-with-it’ root, Siberian ginseng root, hawthorn (‘have-a-break’) berry and shisandra berry, along with other adaptogen and herbal extracts to support focus, concentration and stamina.

No nasties

Unlike most other energy shots, energy drinks and pre-workout formulations on the market, e+ is free from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives and other potentially toxic stimulants, making them one of the cleanest forms of energy in your pocket. Our no-compromise quality commitment is second to none, starting from the selection of ingredients in our recipe, through to the most rigorous testing of every raw material before it goes into our products. And for all of our competitive athletes, our e+ shots are batch tested and certified by Informed-Sport for peace of mind.

So there you have it: the perfect energy, ingredients, flavour and quality, all delivered in a perfect 60mL shot.

*This article was written and powered entirely by e+.